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Raging Grannies - Spokane

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Here's a song written by our own Granny Pat.

My Country Used to Be
To the tune:  (My Country tis of thee)

My Country Used to Be
Sweet land of liberty
Till Dubya lied
What are we fighting for?
This is illegal war
Soldiers are dying by the score
All because George lied
Many children died

My country used to be
Proud, honest, fair and free.
Not anymore
Consumerisms king
Money rules everything
It really makes my conscience sting
Corporations Whore
It makes my heart sore

Democracy is dead
We have no say, instead
We fight for oil
This war we tried to stop
We now know it's a flop
But don't think, just go out and shop
Makes my blood just boil.
That we kill for oil.

My country could still be
Sweet land of liberty
With solar power
We could have peace and love
Get our strength from above
We don't need to use push and shove
No one has to cower
When we use our power

Consensus helps us see
that  we should all be free
to choose our path
We value everyone
So no one would be shunned
Our voices all form harmony
You can sing with me
It will set us free

Ya don't have to be a granny. Ya just gotta be enthusiastic and a bit in a Rage!