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Raging Grannies - Spokane

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Here's a list of our current members.  We are on a first name basis on the web.  Hope you understand.
If you would like to join our group, please add a comment to this website and we will contact you shortly!

We'll be adding some bio's if any of the Grannies want to reveal any of their fascinating lives here on this site.

Granny Mary (She's the one who thought up this idea to start a group)
Granny Becky (She's the one with the guitar!)
Granny Claudia (Our most prolific song writer)
Granny Pat (Another song writer)
Granny Marilynne
Granny Joanne
Granny Kathy
Granny Ginnie
Granny Joanna
Granny Sue
Granny Margie
Granny Marianne
Granny Myrta
Granny Nancy
Granny Lois

Welcome New Members!

You don't have to be a Granny to join our group.  Ya have to be female and be willing to put your heart and soul into singing some pretty funny but serious songs.  Oh, yes, and be willing to wear some outrageous granny clothes including our trademark feather boas!

You too can become a Granny.  You don't have to actually be a grandmother or be a certain age.  We practice about once a month (more if we have a performance coming up.)  We'd love to have you join us.

Ya don't have to be a granny. Ya just gotta be enthusiastic and a bit in a Rage!