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Raging Grannies - Spokane

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Our Mission Statement

In the tradition of wise women elders, the mission of the Spokane Raging Grannies is to promote global peace, justice, and social and economic equality by raising public awareness through the medium of song and humor.


Our goal is to challenge our audiences to work to bring about the social changes that are required in order to end economic oppression, particularly of women and children, and to end racial inequality, environmental destruction, human rights violations, and arms proliferation.


We model ourselves after the Canadian Raging Grannies.  We use tunes of old songs and write lyrics to fit what we sing about.  We are challenged to keep step with current issues.


History of Our Group

The Grannies first met in September, 2005.  We marched in a Peace March in October and sang a few peace songs for our premier performance in RiverFront Park.  We then sang to a standing room only crowd (in a small basement room at SCC) during the Spokane Folklore Society's Fall Folk Festival in November, 2005.
We are off to a good start and one of our own, Granny  Claudia, has written a couple of original tunes already.  A few more practices and we will be ready for our next gig!

What are We Raging About?

We are enraged about the poor conditions that people are forced to endure in their lives, and about the condition of the earth that will be left to our precious grandchildren.  We sing out to gain respect for all persons and encourage everyone to grow above their prejudices.  We rage against "corporate greed" and sign for "one world" in which JUSTICE is evident everywhere and PEACE reigns.


GET INVOLVED!  Start a Raging Grannies group in your local area.  Everything you need to get started is explained in the Raging Grannies Starter Kit.

Ya don't have to be a granny. Ya just gotta be enthusiastic and a bit in a Rage!